If you have a serious project, you have a lot of data to manage.

Peter van Gorder has over 16 years experience in the software, web, and education industry and over 24 years in the entertainment and music industry.


Let’s bring your website back to life!

It’s a fast world on the web. To be efficient, you need to be in control of the content on your website. If you don’t already have a content management system (CMS), chances are your clients are bored of looking at the same website they saw last week/month/year.

Versed in: WordPress, Joomla, PHP, postgreSQL, mysql, JavaScript, HTML, CSS,
and can integrate your site with other social networking sites: Twitter, Facebook, CDbaby, YouTube, you name it.

Breath some life back into your website.
And take control! It’s your website!


Your music performance is great, but your recording could sound better…

Post production, Audomated Mixing, Mastering, Session Tracking, Track cleanup, Effects & Promotion, Music Industry Consultation.

Pay for the ‘big room’ while recording – not while mixing. If your mix is not automated, you’re wasting your dime. Automate your mix and you can listen to it on every system you get your ears on, and then you can make changes to the mix at any time. This allows your to work on your album more methodically – the way you wrote it.

So, be a pro – automate your mix. And don’t pay ‘big room’ prices while mixing. Nobody is going to hear your mix in the room you mixed it in.


In the industry, they say you have 7 seconds to get someone’s attention on the web.

You’ve got hours of raw footage, you need a short, tight, clean presentation.
Let me help you tell your story. Don’t bore your audience by including every raw second of footage your shot.

Editing, Post production, Directing, Authored DVDs and internet video (QuickTime, Youtube).