Clave Consciousness, vol 2: Rumba Clave by Kim Atkinson

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Clave Consciousness : Rumba Clave

Peter was responsible for:
Recording all instruments and dialog, content review and development, mixing, and mastering.

Clave Consciousness vol 2, Rumba Clave
This lesson and groove session is focused on Rumba clave and AbaCua Clave. These two intriguing patterns are found in many styles of world music today.

Kim Atkinson teaches you the patterns from the inside out: “We count and clap the patterns in different ways, and I show you two hand coordination and other exercises to get the feeling into your body. The lesson ends with 25 minutes of clave grooves at different tempos for you to play along with. If you are interested in clave in “6-8″ this is a great lesson for you.”

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