Kim Atkinson’s Speaking Of Rhythm : Vol 5, Hi Life

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Speaking Of Rhythm : Hi Life

Peter was responsible for:
Recording all instruments and dialog, assisting in content development, advising on format, pacing, and the overal product development of the entire Speaking Of Rhythm series.

Speaking of Rhythm is a multi-volume set of instructional CDs covering a range of common ensemble dance rhythms from the Caribbean, Brazil and Africa. During the lesson you play along with the patterns on conga drums, bells, sticks, and shakers and build up an entire ensemble rhythm with solo movements.

About the Rhythm: HiLife
There are many styles of Highlife in Africa, with the center of the movements being in Ghana and Nigeria. It is an urban music form that is sung in several languages, sometimes within the same song. During the 1970′s in Nigeria, Highlife was supplanted by AfroBeat , a style created by Fela Kuti. Strictly speaking, Highlife is an ensemble based rhythm with the addition of guitars, horns, electric bass and singers.

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