Kim Atkinson’s Speaking Of Rhythm : Vol 4, Yan Valu

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Speaking Of Rhythm : Yan Valu

Peter was responsible for:
Recording all instruments and all dialog, assisting in content development, advising on format, pacing, and general product development of the entire Speaking Of Rhythm series.

Speaking of Rhythm is a multi-volume set of instructional CDs covering a range of common ensemble dance rhythms from the Caribbean, Brazil and Africa. During the lesson you and I play the patterns on conga drums, bells, sticks, and shakers and build up an entire ensemble rhythm with solo movements.

About the Rhythm
Yan Valu is an Afro Haitian Rhythm and Dance which has become famous the world over through the work of such artists as Katherine Dunham and Jean Leon Destine’. Its elegant movements are a prayer to the Rainbow Serpent deity known in Haiti as Damballa. Its ancient origin is the region of Benin in West Africa. Some of the movements have been stylized and incorporated into Jazz dance in the US, particularly in New York City.

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