Kim Atkinson’s Speaking Of Rhythm Series, Vol 2: Bembe

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Peter was responsible for:
Recording all instruments and all dialog, assisting in content development, advising on format, pacing, and general product development of the entire Speaking Of Rhythm series.

About the Rhythm: Bembe
The Bembe rhythm we are playing here is a common AfroCuban music and dance form that has made its way into American music via Latin Jazz and Rock. The word “Bembe” means different things according to context. “A Bembe” is an AfroCuban religious ceremony where participants sing, dance, experience trance state, receive consultations, make offerings, etc. as part of the tradition known as Lukumi or Santeria.

Speaking of Rhythm
Speaking of Rhythm is an aural/oral system of teaching and learning music and is simply the best way to learn. It is the same way children learn language: listen, repeat, correct, repeat, listen. Learning becomes effortless, you retain what you speak and sing, enabling you to express these patterns on any instrument.

Each drum syllable is connected with a drum stroke and hand position, you learn the movements associated with each drum part. Speaking of Rhythm does not require reading or watching, only listen, repeat, listen, repeat, listen, repeat. You develop your ability to listen deeply, to make an accurate inner copy, and express with your voice and body.

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