Groundswell by Terra Nova

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Terra Nova

Peter was responsible for
recording 8 of the 12 tracks at GrooveFarm: Raven, Groundswell, All Sides, The Hills of North California, Axtecquorum, Moonrise in Mojave, Live Feed, Twice As Hard. Peter recorded all auxiliary tracks, overdubs and solos and automation. Additional recording and mixing by Zone Music and Prairie Sun.

CD Universe says
Terra Nova is world beat, modern acoustic, and experimental improv meld into an eclectic, organic sound that goes beyond the usual musical categories. From the psychedelic rock of Twice as Hard to the sweet feel of Moonrise in Mojave, from the funky blues of Say Goodbye all the way to the folky anthem Peace Begins With Me, this original collection of songs and tunes is like nothing you’ve ever heard….

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